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It’s important to perform regular website maintenance to keep your site up to date. What’s more, web reporting allows you to see how your website visitors behave.

Why maintain your website?

There are lots of reasons to update your website regularly:

  • It shows your business is active. If visitors see that your site changes frequently, they’ll return more often to see what’s new.
  • It helps your search rankings. Search engines like Google check how often websites change and use this to help determine rankings.
  • It reduces customer queries. By updating your site with the information customers request, you can cut the number of queries you receive.
  • Continual improvement. If you check your web reporting each week and use it to tweak areas of your site, you’ll soon see big improvements.

Maintain your website content

You might need to perform several tasks to keep the content on your website updated:

  • Remove or refresh old content. Outdated information should be changed or removed from your website.
  • Add new content. It can be wise to add content regularly – particularly if you run a blog, offer news or like to post new stories on social media.
  • Change product and pricing information. If your products or prices change, your website should reflect this.

How often you refresh and review what’s on your site will depend how important the site is to your company. If it only contains basic information about your business, you probably won’t need to update it very often.

Conversely, if you run an eCommerce website which generates lots of revenue, you’ll need to regularly update it to change promotions, keep customers interested and ensure details of the items you sell are bang up-to-date. You can also benefit from checking your web reporting statistics daily – even minor changes could boost your bottom line.

Every site update matters

A good way to ensure maintenance and updates get done is to establish a regular schedule and delegate the tasks to specific people. For instance, you could perform price changes and add new products on Tuesdays.

You can also keep a list of pages on your website and aim to review each at regular intervals – say once every 2 months.
We have a various website retainer packages which can help you updating your website on a regular basis.

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